National Eye Institute This online resource is a part of National Institute of Health website. The information in this website starts from Interactive anatomy of eye and proceed towards common eye problems encountered in clinical practice. Each topic is attached Continue reading


Ear :  Anatomy and physiology of Hearing This is Cochlea.org’s anatomy and physiology page for students and professionals. There is also a dedicated section for the cochlea itself as the website mainly deals with cochlear diseases. The connection of ear Continue reading


Medical Physiology – 301 This site is intended to help professional course students in getting a thorough understanding of the core concepts in physiology and how to use them in the clinical setting. Cardiac Cycle Cardiac cycle is an important Continue reading


Microbiology and Immunology Online This is one of the best resource available online to those interested in microbiology. The site has six sections Immunology, Bacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Mycology and Infectious Diseases. Note: There were other resources like Videos and Quizzes. Continue reading


Pharmacology 2000 This is a web-based pharmacology teaching site. Each section has an elaborate Pharmacology notes section and associated study tools. Each section is provided with a large number of illustrations which definitely will reduce the learning time. The tools Continue reading